(D. F. Maloof)

is located in the

Five College region of

Western Massachusetts.


• reviews

• personal essays

• critical essays

• feature articles

• web content

• songs

• jokes

published Writer of hundreds of

Publications include The Boston Globe, Boston Globe Magazine, Reader's Digest, Redbook  and other newspapers & magazines, and websites.

Custom writing is available for individuals and organizations.  

skilled Editor of

• academic writing (shorter 

  works to dissertations)

• MLA and APA formats

• business materials

• web content

• personal writing

• correspondence

Clarifies and otherwise improves existing writing:  organization, development, grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and appropriate & consistent style. 

Communicates with the writer as needed.   


experienced Teacher and Tutor of

• personal and critical essays

• college application essays

• academic writing

• journalism

• literature 

• arts writing

• social science writing

Teacher and tutor of students
ages 7 through 70s: 

- 20 years of classroom teaching

- 15 years of tutoring in-person,

   online (phone + shared text), or

   via email (non-simultaneous)