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The Real Writing Book

For students, teachers, and writers and readers of academic, business, personal and creative works, The Real Writing Book is the product of David Maloof's experience as a writer and teacher of writing, and his frustration with the "how-to" writing books, handbooks, guides and workbooks that he used as a beginning teacher but long ago left by the teaching wayside. 


Instructive and entertaining, The Real Writing Book is drawn from David's experience as an outsider working inside colleges, high school and elementary schools for over 30 years – and as a published nonfiction writer for longer than that – and as an editor of academic works - and a writing tutor for 22 years.


TRWB promises no grammar drills, no beatific pontificating – just truths, told with seasoned wit and subtle wisdom. 

Words + Music

David ("Dave" when he's performing music and comedy, via MusicPlusComedy.com) started writing songs as a college undergrad (that was a while ago...), and re-started about 12 years ago, soon after becoming a stand-up comic who decided to add music to his performances.

After completing over 50 comedic songs – both parodies (words only) and 100% original (words + music) – he recently was drawn to also writing songs whose primary purpose isn't to make people laugh. 

The first of those songs, "Will You Love Me for Me," started as another comedic song.  But very early in his writing process, David was drawn to the two characters in it, and didn't want to seem as if he was mocking them.  And so the song was transformed into one about how romantic love can be a combination of realistic self-interest and a leap of faith.