Life Stories book (Oral History)
spoken words, transformed into a book


Imagine having a book that preserves the stories and actual words of yourself, or of someone in your life – a parent, grandparent, or close friend – and all the subject of that book would need to do is talk?

That's how simple it is to create a Life Stories book. You (or the person you are providing this gift for), known as the "narrator," would talk with David Maloof – an experienced interviewer, editor, published writer and teacher of life stories (also known as "memoir" or "autobiography").

How It Happens

David will record each interview, transcribe it into a computer document, edit for clarity as needed, format the edited work, send it to a printing company, and transform that interview – and a part of someone's life – into multiple copies of a compact, bound book.  And you even can add one photos from the person's life.

What You (and Others) will Receive

  • ten (or more) printed Life Stories books

  • a recording of the actual, unedited interview (in mp3 format), preserving the person's voice, as well as words

  • a .pdf version of the published book to share with countless other people.

Types of Life Stories books

  • Tribute = one or more people (friends and/or family) who know the person talk about the subject, through stories and other memories.

  • Autobio = the subject speaks about herself/himself, telling stories from their life.

  • Combo = both the subject and other people speak.

What will it cost?

That will depend on the number and length of interview(s), how many people are interviewed, the length of the book, and the number of books printed. You will have a clear sense of costs, in writing, before the project begins.

What will the Life Stories book be about?

That's up to the person interviewed, who can bring a topic to the interview session, or let David suggest a few possibilities – or just start talking, and see where in life it takes them.


Why create a Life Stories book?

We hear and tell so many stories in our lives, but most of them disappear, existing only in someone's memory, at best.

A Life Stories book can be a unique and memorable gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, or just because you want a special person to be heard, understood, and remembered.

​​​A Life Stories book will be there for the narrator (the person speaking the story), and the narrator's current family and friends, as well as generations to come – to read, understand, appreciate, and remember. It is a legacy that can link people, from one generation to another.

Oral History Book sample - David Maloof.jpg

How to get started:

contact David (through the Contact box below, or via or this form) to let him know of your interest, answering as many of these questions as you can:

•  what type of book you would like:  Tribute  •  AutoBio  • Combo (see definitions)

•  where you or the person to be interviewed is located

•  when (approximate date) you would like the interview(s) to occur

•  if you would like one interview, or a series of interviews

•  how long you would like each interview to last (usually one hour to 90 minutes)


•  when you would like the finished book to be available


•  any questions you have