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ask for Editing if you'd like the corrections and improvements to be done for you (with Track Changes to show what has changed)


choose Tutoring to be shown how to fix your current work, while also teaching you how to improve your future writing.

Information that you'll provide:

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  • whether you want editing or tutoring

  • what you are required to write (assignment info)

  • when (day/time) you will submit it to David

  • when (day/time) you'll need it back

  • what you want improved (in order of importance)

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the Cost will depend on...

  • the length and quality of the submitted writing

  • how many issues you want to be addressed

  • when you submit your work and when you need it back

> Indicate how much you can spend, and you'll be told what you can receive for that amount, so there will be no surprise$.

> Or, ask for an estimate (a range of cost) after David quickly previews your work. 


Payment can be made by credit card (or cash, when in-person work is available again).

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